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Article: Why you need hair oil

Why you need hair oil
Hair Care

Why you need hair oil

Hair SOS

A few years ago my hair texture suddenly changed from manageable and shiny to coarse and frizzy. I was traumatised. I asked my hairdresser what the issue could be, to which she said “It could just be down to your hair going through a change”

Well, no one prepared me for that.

I then went through the process of trying pretty much every product on the market to get my hair back to some kind of normality. Was it because I dyed my hair too regularly? Was it heat damage from years of straightening and curling? Or was it just the time in my life where I’d finally succumbed to somehow inheriting (albeit late in life) my dad’s unruly, wiry, wild hair?

After gaining some advice from hair dresser friends I realised I had to start treating my hair a bit like my skin, with a proper routine to keep it looking and feeling tip top.

My hair was lacking moisture so I had to get it back in there somehow.

Can oils keep hair healthy?

Over the past year hair oils have been my go to product and as a result I’ve added them to the Floragy range. They feel lightweight on application and are very versatile.

Oils have some brilliant properties to keep hair in the best condition, they act as a sealant to the hair cuticle, protect from heat exposure and are great for detangling the hair. Some carrier oils which are known to be effective are Coconut oil for moisturising, Almond oil for growth, Jojoba oil for shine, Sesame oil for strength and Avocado oil for frizz.

How do I use hair oil?

The thing I love about oils is the number of ways in which you can use them;

  1. They're a great treatment before shampooing. Massage the hair with oil and gently work it into the scalp, then wash your hair as normal. This leaves hair beautifully moisturised.
  2. Add a couple of drops to your shampoo for silky looking hair.
  3. Massage a few drops into the lengths of damp hair as a styling product.
  4. After blow drying, use a couple of drops on the ends of hair if they are dry.

At Floragy we've produced a hair oil, Smooth, (Strengthen and Repair currently in development) which has had amazing results for different types of hair. Our No.3 Hair Smoothing Oil won the Best Hair Product at The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021. Ella, one of our customers has commented that it has transformed her hair and she won’t use anything else!

Try one of the methods above and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

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My hair has always been very dry and fine and I have tried a world of products over the years with no long term success. I was given a sample of this hair oil and it has literally changed my locks. My hair feels thicker, smoother and generally so much happier. Looking forward to my first order and it won’t be my last! Thank you, Floragy x

Nicky M

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