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The Facial Set

Sale price£28


A beautiful set to create a restorative and balanced skincare ritual, partnering our critically acclaimed ReviveCalm or Nurture Face Oil with your choice of one of our nourishing Clay Masks.

Simply select from our Renew (Banana + Coconut), Radiant (Strawberry + Coconut), Refresh (Matcha + Mint) or Glow (Acai + Rose) and you’ll receive it perfectly packaged in a recycled cardboard tube with a gentle face cloth, free mask brush and your chosen face oil, to help you achieve that natural glow. Makes a perfect gift!

Glow – Rose + Acai Berry Mask (NEW)

This Glow Clay Face Mask is the perfect blend for a naturally glowing complexion. It harnesses the power of Turkish & Moroccan Clay, Acai Berry and Rose Powder to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin. Its natural ingredients make this mask suitable for all skin types, helping you achieve a visible and long-lasting radiance. 

Renew – Banana + Coconut Mask

Replenish your skin’s natural glow with our gentle exfoliating mask. This award-winning vitamin rich clay mask uses oats and white clay to softly buff away dead skins cells and lock in moisture. Subtly scented with Coconut and background notes of Banana. Winner of The Beauty Shortlist Editor’s Choice Award (2020).

    Radiant – Strawberry + Coconut Mask

    Restore your skin’s radiance with our fruity exfoliating mask. This award-winning mineral rich Pink Clay mask harnesses the power of strawberry powder to support oil regulation and inflammation and draw out impurities, restoring and replenishing your skin's natural moisture. Ideal for sensitive and mature skin, the mask also features strawberry seeds to gently exfoliate the skin, leaving you looking fresh-faced and radiant. Winner of The Beauty Shortlist Editor’s Choice Award (2021).

    Refresh -  Matcha + Mint Mask

    Refresh tired skin with our cooling and exfoliating clay face mask. Combining energising Peppermint to calm inflammation, invigorating Matcha to soothe redness and irritation and Green Clay to gently buff away dead skin cells and draw out impurities. Winner of ‘Best Clay Face Mask’ at the Beauty Shortlist Awards (2022).

      Revive Face Oil

      A super light face oil to help rejuvenate the skin, for normal/dry skin types. Our formulation helps to revive dull skin, protecting it from environmental damage whilst hydrating, leaving you with a lovely natural glow all year round. It’s infused with Jasmine and Neroli for a beautifully scented experience. Winner of Best Face for Normal Skin – 2023 Beauty Shortlist Awards.

      Calm Face Oil 

      A perfectly balanced face oil to soothe and calm sensitive skin.
      Light-weight and unscented, this gentle yet powerful oil will balance oil regulation and reduce irritation for the most sensitive of complexions. The combination of Olive Squalane and Hemp Oil leave the skin looking luminous and vibrant, with cucumber seed oil to reduce puffiness. Olive Squalane is hailed as the go to ingredient for softening lines and bringing out your skin’s natural glow. Winner of ‘Best Face Oil for Sensitive Skin’ at the Beauty Shortlist Awards (2022).

      Nurture Intensive Face Oil

      Our luxurious Nurture Face Oil is packed with Omega Oils and Vitamins to lock moisture into ageing skin. Specially formulated to deliver nutrients deep into the skin, protect from moisture loss and increase luminosity this powerhouse intensive face oil is a must have for a truly natural glow.


      Patch test before full application, avoid eye contact, not be used on broken skin or mucous membranes, if irritation occurs discontinue use. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please select an option with Revive Unscented or Calm Face Oil.

        Face Oil:




        IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Patch test before full application, avoid eye contact, not be used on broken skin or mucous membranes, if irritation occurs discontinue use. Please choose Calm or Revive Unscented if you're either pregnant or breast feeding.

        The Facial Set
        The Facial Set Sale price£28


        Step 1 – Detox

        Our clay face masks are packed with antioxidants and skin loving ingredients, the clay will help to draw out impurities and excess oils from your skin, leaving you with super soft skin and a naturally refreshing glow.

        Choose from 1 of 4 masks, all with their own unique ingredients and skin loving ability, Renew, Radiant, Refresh or our new collagen boosting Glow Mask.


        Step 2 – Hydrate + Protect

        Lastly use one of our face oils which can provide numerous benefits. After cleansing and a detox, apply a few drops of face oil onto your fingertips and gently massage it onto your face and neck. Face oils help nourish and hydrate the skin, improve moisture retention, boost radiance, and provide essential nutrients. Follow up with a moisturiser to seal in the benefits. Use face oil daily or as needed for a healthy and glowing complexion.

        Choose from 1 of 4 oils, Calm, Revive, Revive Unscented or Nurture, for a naturally glowing look.