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What happens if I receive an incorrect product/order?

We pick and pack all orders with the utmost care however, errors can occasionally occur as we prepare each order manually. If you have received the wrong product or order, please contact Customer Services at

Please ensure you've included the following information:-

  • the email address you used to place your order
  • your order number
  • details of the item(s) missing from your order
  • a clear picture of the invoice and products received.

      How do I unsubscribe from Floragy emails?

      To unsubscribe from our marketing communications, go to My Account, click on Subscriptions then click on Unsubscribe

      Are your products suitable for vegans?

      Yes, we don’t use any animal derived ingredients in our formulas.

      Are your products cruelty-free?

      We do not test any of our ingredients, formulas or finished products on animals, only humans.

      Is Floragy packaging recyclable?

      • All of our bottles and jars are recyclable and reusable and made from glass. We use special miron glass for some of our products which preserve our oils potency from harmful visible light and only lets UV, violet, and infrared light enter, which removes the need for outer packaging. 
      • Our lids are made from aluminium so can be recycled. 
      • Our pipettes are made from rubber and minimal plastic.
      • Our mailer boxes are made from a minimum of 90% recycled material which can be recycled.
      • Our 30ml and 100ml refills are all made from aluminium bottles and are infinitely recyclable.
      • We use biodegradable corn based packing peanuts in our mailer boxes.
      • The inks used on our labels and boxes are derived from vegetable dyes.

        How should I store my products?

        We recommend keeping Floragy skincare out of direct sunlight. The Brighten Eye Serum can be stored in the fridge for an extra cooling experience.

        How long do Floragy products last after opening?

        Our products last from between 3-12 months depending on their type. More information is available on the product label. 

        My Floragy products can vary in colour. Why is this?

        All of the ingredients in our products are naturally sourced and made in small batches by hand. This means that there can sometimes be slight differences in colour and fragrance, this is perfectly normal.

        How Can I Pay?

        We accept the following forms of payment on our website:

        • Visa
        • Mastercard
        • American Express
        • Apple Pay
        • Google Pay
        • Shop Pay
        • Maestro
        • Klarna

          I have a wholesale or Press enquiry, how do I contact you?

          Please email with your details, we also work with Faire, please see our contact page for more information.

          Are your products suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

          Some of our products contain essential oils so we would advise against the use of these during pregnancy just to be on the safe side. All of the information is listed on the product page for each item under ‘Important Information’.

          Please consult your doctor before using any essential oils during pregnancy.

          Can I include a note if my order is a gift for someone else?

          Yes! Just fill in the additional information box before checkout and we will add a handwritten note to your order.

          I have a special request for a gift, is this something you can fulfil?

          Absolutely. If you contact us at with your request we will respond with a quote and any additional information.

          Why don’t you offer free delivery on every order?

          This is something we are aiming for in the near future once our business grows. At the moment we charge £3 per delivery (except for orders over £30) as we need to cover our costs as a small business. We do however offer free delivery for life if you subscribe to our monthly email, plus if you live within 2km of Faversham in Kent.