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Summer Skin Saviour


Glow all Summer

Our restorative, moisturising body oil helps to maintain your skin’s natural radiance all summer long.

Beautifully balanced and scented to leave your body feeling soft and silky. Full of antioxidants to help improve suppleness and protect the skin’s natural barrier. Formulated to absorb easily into your skin without any greasiness. Available in zesty Grapefruit and Lavender or unscented. Winner of 'Best Body Oil' - Beauty Shortlist Awards 2023


Your Skin’s Best Travel Companion

Our compact yet powerful Travel Essentials have just had a makeover.

This beautiful mini set allows you to experience a little bit of Floragy magic. Whether you are off on your travels, or simply sampling all of our multi award-winning best-sellers in one small haul. Keep your skin hydrated and glowing when you're away. This beautiful mini set offers a convenient way to enjoy Floragy's top products, whether you're on the go or looking to try multiple award-winning items in one collection.



The Floragy Brochure

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we've created a special brochure to highlight our achievements so far. Inside, you'll learn about our journey, explore our full range of products, and discover how we manage sustainability. Every product is handcrafted at our studio in Faversham, where we now also offer facial treatments using our natural products. Take a few minutes to download and read our brochure. Thank you for your support; we wouldn't be here without you.

Printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable-based inks.


Loved by Experts

"Floragy is a lovely natural skincare range that I use not only on my clients but myself. The blends are beautifully formulated to deliver the exact nutrients and moisture to the skin. I love the restore body oil and the nurture intensive face oil for massage. The calm face oil is great to use on sensitive or problematic skin.”

Expert Facialist Nichola Joss

“I really enjoyed trying out all the Floragy face oils, in Revive / Nurture & Calm, they bed into the skin with so much ease, I am a big fan of oils being applied to the face at bedtime for optimum results, but as a make up artist I will often use the Revive as a part of my skin preparation on clients. Perfect for a 10 min facial massage as it not only revives the skin but also absorbs beautifully.”

Celebrity makeup artist Patsy O'Neill

“The Nourish Multi-Balm Cleanser makes cleansing a joy to do every evening - it melts in to the skin effortlessly with no grease/ oil and removes every scrap of makeup. Skin is left feeling soft and clean”

Celebrity makeup artist Sarah Brock

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