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"There’s a real need for naturally derived, modern and progressive skincare products which are accessibly priced and effective."



“I was exhausted after a full on career travelling and working too many hours and wanted to take some time to rebalance my life. I’d always suffered from dry skin but as I’ve got older I’ve found I need extra protection during the colder months. After extensive research and experimenting I created a few recipes for skincare products which my skin reacted well to, and preferred over my usual products. I noticed how expensive natural skincare could be to buy and wanted to create a range of products which were accessible to everyone while maintaining a natural ingredient list which was easy to understand.”

Louisa Tidy – Founder



So it all starts with a problem, one that needs a solution, whether it be a particular skin condition that needs addressing or a particular request from our valuable customers. While we carefully and considerately
build the range we're always looking at the bigger picture and where a new product will effectively fit in, do our customers actually need this product?



So once we have an idea of what we want to create we go into product development overdrive, we formulate dozens of versions of the same product each using different combinations of ingredients until we whittle it down to a few contenders. We then go into a rigorous testing phase where we use the products on ourselves and then at least 20 other people all with a broad range of skin conditions. We then accumulate feedback and begin to refine and perfect the product.



So we have a product, all primed and raring to be unleashed, but what do we call it? We often start with a competitor analysis and strategic research to see if we can own a unique name, this usually isn't possible, but we try regardless. Once the name has been chosen we then decide on the bottle type, colour palette and information needed for the label. Once this is approved (by us) we then send these off to our printers to manufacture a small batch for colour testing. We then present colour label options to our customers who then help us decide the final look and feel, so ultimately everyone is happy.



Whilst all the fun creative process is happening the product is undergoing chemical analysis from a cosmetic testing company, who undertake stability testing and produce a safety assessment report, which then enables us to legally distribute the product in the UK. Without this report the product could be harmful if it hasn't been verified as safe by the laboratory. All of our products
undergo this beforehand and are all registered on the UK Cosmetics Portal. So rest assured everything is thoroughly tested, by experts.


accessible SKINCARE

Floragy champions uncomplicated skincare routines through confident and balanced formulations to deliver naturally radiant skin, consistently.

Born from nature to encapsulate simplicity and transparency by utilising the power of plant, seed and fruit extracts and of the earth ingredients to create a synergy between the natural world and the body. Floragy is lovingly formulated, unfussy and efficacious.

"We’re more than just the products we create, we want to be pioneers in the industry, we share our innate passion for what we do through our quarterly magazine The Floragist, we’re active in community projects and regularly collaborate with like-minded businesses. We’ve built a solid reputation with a loyal fan base and are looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us next."