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Article: Turn your Skincare Routine into a Ritual

Turn your Skincare Routine into a Ritual

Turn your Skincare Routine into a Ritual

A quick splash of water on our face and some moisturiser before bed is a common routine when we’re a) too knackered b) too drunk or c) just can’t be arsed.

Our daily skincare routine is often repetitive and organised but when we’re tired it can feel mundane and a real effort to reach for that cleanser, it’s such an integral part of our skin’s health and our wellbeing, should we be putting more effort into this important daily task?

The benefits of having a skincare routine nailed is that your skin will ultimately thank you for it. Cleansing, toning and moisturising are just the basics of keeping your skin’s natural barrier healthy, hydrated and protected so you should really embrace these steps every single day (whether you wear make-up or not).

Washing your face or removing dirt and make-up does feel like you’re stripping away the day’s stresses, a bit like when you take your bra off after a day at work…a release! And one to be truly celebrated!

These feelings should be savoured and enjoyed, a sort of gift to ourselves. By making some minor adjustments actions we can create our own little ‘ritual’.

These small rituals in our lives can have a huge benefit on our wellbeing, it gives us time to appreciate the little things and make some space for ourselves. Now more than ever we need these moments to centre us and bring back that feel good factor.

‘I don’t have an hour to spend on a ritual!!’ I hear you say… but these small additions can truly calm and relax your mind before sleep, yes an hour would be lovely but most of us (even in lockdown) don’t have an hour to ourselves. Start small with the following steps by adding just a few minutes onto your existing routine;

  1. Using a hot cloth or hot flannel to remove your cleanser is a quick way to make the process feel a bit more indulgent, it also has an amazing effect on your pores.
  2. Gently massaging your moisturiser or oil into your face for a few seconds using an upwards motion.
  3. Breathing deeply and slowly while focussing on your skincare routine really does wonders for relaxing the mind.

If you do find you have more time, want to change it up a gear and really spoil yourself then try some of these;

  1. Run a bath with some Himalayan or Epsom salts, bath oil and even throw in some botanicals (lavender, rosemary, dried orange slices or flower petals) to really mix it up.
  2. Apply a natural face mask for an extra self-care treat.
  3. Make yourself a herbal tea or even better, wine, and sit back in your heavenly bath listening to your favourite calming playlist.
  4. Light a candle and bask in the cosy glow while listening to some Ibiza Chill Out vibes...
  5. Reach for that shiny new face roller you got for Christmas and gently smooth over your skin with a luxurious face oil like our Revive Face Oil.

Et voila, you’ve just turned your normal skincare routine into a feel good ritual.

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