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Article: The quest for the perfect serum

The quest for the perfect serum

The quest for the perfect serum

There’s one skincare product that is difficult to find, one which all women seek...the perfect eye cream, the holy grail of all skincare products. Most women I know have been searching for an effective, nourishing, easily absorbed and affordable eye cream for most of their adult lives. So why is the right one so hard to find?

The importance of choosing wisely

The skin around the eye is more delicate as it is the thinnest compared to anywhere else on the body. The skin can start to look ‘saggy’ due to a lack of moisture, decreased collagen in our bodies as we age, pollution, stress and many other factors which you weren’t told about when you were young enough to do anything about it! Applying your usual face treatment around the eyes is a big no no, ingredients such as alcohol and perfumed products can cause sensitivity around the eyes, so being aware of your products ingredient list is key in finding the right one for you. Using a standard moisturiser can also cause the skin to pull on application, therefore a specially formulated product for the eyes is a must have, serums are particularly beneficial as they are more fluid and lighter on the skin, meaning they’re easily absorbed and do not leave a residue on the skin like some creams can.

Look for the right ingredients

There are many products on the market which promise to ‘reverse’ the signs of ageing, miracle creams which turn back the clock and give you plump, young skin again…but this simply isn’t true. The skincare routine for our eyes needs to be given the time and respect it deserves, using targeted ingredients to keep the skin supple and hydrated. Look for formulations with ingredients such as cucumber as which is rich in vitamin E and nutrients to help support a healthy skin barrier function.

Green tea and caffeine can help to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Vitamin A derivatives can facilitate collagen production and vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which can help to fight free radicals.

Floragy Brighten Eye Serum Natural Skincare

Top tips for brighter eyes

There are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure your peepers are looking their best.

  1. Find cleansing products which don’t strip the skin of moisture or oils such as balms or cream based formulas.
  2. Look at supplementing your diet with products like collagen powder, which is crucial as you get older particularly towards perimenopause age, and similarly using products which stimulate the production of collagen will help.
  3. Definitely consider serums as they are lighter and absorb well into the skin.
  4. Look for ingredients such as caffeine, collagen, cucumber and vitamin C which will help to protect the skin.
  5. Always apply product with your ring finger to avoid unnecessary pulling.
  6. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated.

Our new Brighten Eye Serum is available now for preorder here.

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