Brand Manifesto

At Floragy we create effective natural products with care and transparency. We feel passionately that daily skincare rituals harnessing the power of plants should be accessible for all and be produced with the planet in mind.

Our products are carefully created in small batches from our home studio in Kent, combining plant-based ingredients chosen for their powerful skincare benefits, sourced from local farmers and ethical producers from further afield. 

100% cruelty free and vegan friendly, our award winning range embodies the beauty and power of nature.



Effective, natural skincare should be a key part of every skincare regime - not a luxury exclusive only to the well off. Encouraging everyday self-care rituals, our natural skincare products can be used by everyone and should be easy to find and understand, it really needn’t be expensive and our price point is reflective of our goal to make effective plant based products to rival any high street skincare brand.



We’ve already adapted our business to be future friendly through ditching outer box packaging for our products, using paper tape to seal our parcels and switching our lids to aluminium. 

Our products use recyclable glass with aluminium lids and where possible we use Miron glass which protects the oils inside from UV damage. Our mailer boxes use brown Kraft cardboard made from a minimum of 90% recycled material and brown paper void filler, both of which are 100% recyclable.



We constantly strive to fulfil our commitment to being sustainable and provide easy to understand information on our brand through our social channels, our online shop, our ingredient glossary and our final products. We still have many goals to achieve and as a small brand this takes time. We’re always transparent with where we’re at and where we’d like to get to, and we always live true to our values in everything we do.



Lots of little steps combined can make a big difference and we’re constantly exploring how we can improve further still to fulfil our pledge to be net zero carbon by 2040 as part of the SME Climate Hub government campaign.

We strive to create products and packaging with as little environmental impact as possible. We aim to achieve 100% recyclability, only sourcing ingredients from those who share our ethics. We also give back by planting a minimum of 10 trees a month through One Tree Planted. We also donate 10% of all sales of Restore Body Oil to the Ocean Generation.


Style + Substance

At Floragy we believe effective natural beauty doesn’t have to mean compromising on your ethics or aesthetic. While fully recyclable, our products still look enviable on any shelf. Clean and simple, our jars and bottles compliment any home.

We love hearing positive reviews which helps us throughout our product development process. We never release a product until we truly love it ourselves and always test them on real people and listen to real feedback, this means every product we design is made solely with you in mind.

We’re proud of our awards because of what they stand for… and that’s creating the narrative that plant based skincare is effective and accessible to all.



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