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Article: The Power of the Powdered Clay Mask

The Power of the Powdered Clay Mask

The Power of the Powdered Clay Mask

Peel off, bubble, cream, thermal and sheet have all raised the bar when it comes to face masks. But what about the more traditional clay mask? Is there still a demand for them? More recently, the clay mask has made a resurgence on the market and is a popular product offered by many natural beauty brands.

The Benefits of Clay

According to sources the medicinal uses of clay date back to ancient Egyptian times where Cleopatra is reported to have used it to preserve her complexion. Not much has changed as we’re still doing that today, if it’s good enough for Cleopatra it’s good enough for us!

Clay has an abundance of cleansing and detoxifying properties which help to aid a brighter complexion, whether you have dry, normal, oily or acne prone skin there’s a clay for you.

There’s a variety of kaolin clays in a range of colours due to the unique minerals in each one. The mineral content is affected by a number of factors, for example where the clay was mined, how deep into the Earth it was mined, the soil composition and the type of rock it was derived from.

Which clay should I use for my skin type?

  • White Kaolin Clay is the gentlest, perfect for normal or dry skin.
  • Red Clay has higher trace elements so is ideal for problem or sensitive skin as it can help to reduce redness and stimulate circulation.
  • Yellow Clay can support the stimulation of collagen so suitable for mature skin.
  • Pink Clay is a mixture of white and red and for sensitive/mature skin which needs oil balancing and light exfoliation for a glowing complexion.
  • French Green Clay is great for absorbing oil, pore tightening and exfoliation for oily skin.
  • Rhassoul Clay pulls impurities from the skin and helps to improve elasticity and texture.
  • Fullers Earth is ideal for oily skin as it can be drying due to its intensely oil absorbing properties.
  • Bentonite is for acne prone skin and helps to tighten its appearance.

Clay masks are a great addition to your skincare routine, because clay does naturally absorb oil they should be used once a week to give your skin a boost. The beauty about using powdered clay at home is that you can control the texture of the mask and also what you mix it with.

Water is a popular and easy choice but there’s also amazing benefits from using ingredients from your store cupboard, for example honey has nutrients and proteins which can help with conditions such as eczema and dry skin. Yoghurt is hydrating and calming, avocado can be used to help dryness and olive oil is thought to be good for oily skin.

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