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Article: The Making of the Retreat Collection

The Making of the Retreat Collection

The Making of the Retreat Collection

The inception of the Retreat Collection finds its roots in Floragy's fundamental philosophy: the utilisation of nature's potency to elevate overall well-being. At the core of the Retreat Collection lies the aspiration to transcend the ordinary and heighten the at-home spa experience. It's a ritual crafted to surpass the superficial, offering a moment of self-care that nourishes both the skin and the soul.

In a time dominated by hectic and stressful lifestyles, there arises a genuine need for moments of self-care and tranquility. The Retreat Collection emerged as a response, providing our customers with a haven from their bustling schedules—an opportunity to unwind and partake in a luxurious home spa encounter. Our focus rested heavily on sensory pleasure, incorporating elements of aroma, texture, and sound to curate a lavish moment of relaxation.

Scented Memories and Calm: The Candle Collection

Among the initial products featured in the collection are our candles, carefully designed to evoke memories and instil calm. Sea Mist transports you to beach days, fresh and light with a hint of salt. Midnight Peony combines sweet floral notes with the heady scent of Oud, while Fig Tree exudes a warm, sweet, and earthy essence reminiscent of Mediterranean summers.

Layered Aromas: Bath Salts in Four New Scents

Our bath salts, intricately layered to provide a lasting aroma, come in four scents: Awaken, Grove, Forest, and Maroc, all elegantly presented in 500ml miron aromatherapy jars. The assortment extends to include a choice of one of four clay face masks, housed in a new, larger 100ml jar. Each set comes with a mask brush and a ceramic mixing bowl crafted by local artisans Riv & Read.

To personalise the experience, we offer customers the ability to select background sounds, creating three distinct playlists of grounding and uplifting music to complement each moment.

Eco-Conscious Choices: Refillable and Sustainable

Mindful of environmental impact, the Retreat Collection is designed with eco-consciousness in mind. The collection is refillable, offering customers an eco-friendly alternative that minimises single-use packaging. Initial purchases feature beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed, and durable miron apothecary jars. For replenishment, customers can opt for a refill pouch, reducing the need for additional packaging. This approach not only fosters a circular economy but also encourages customers to actively participate in reducing their environmental footprint.

The end result is an immersive, rejuvenating gift box—a retreat and relaxation moment wherever you find yourself. The Retreat Collection serves as an ideal gift or a personal indulgence, embodying a commitment to holistic well-being.

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