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Article: Skincare Routines for Every Schedule

Skincare Routines for Every Schedule

Skincare Routines for Every Schedule

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, finding the right balance between self-care and time management can be a challenge. Whether you have 5, 10 or 15 minutes to spare, we've crafted personalised skincare routines for you to achieve that radiant glow effortlessly.

The 5 Minute Floragy Refresh: (Daily, am and pm)

  1. Cleanse (2 mins): Start with our gentle Oil-To-Milk cleanser to remove impurities and all traces of make-up to prepare your skin.
  2. Moisturise (1 min): Use our lightweight Rejuvenate moisturiser to nourish the skin and for a hydration boost.
  3. Protect (1 min): Finish with one of our face oils to help lock in moisture and protect the skin’s barrier.
  4. Sunscreen (1 min): Apply an SPF as part of your morning routine.

The 10 Minute Floragy Glow-Up: (Daily, am and pm)

  1. Cleanse (3 minutes): Begin with our Oil-To-Milk cleanser, apply to damp skin and use wet hands in gentle circular motions to remove make-up and impurities.
  2. Tone (1 minute): Spritz some Bloom onto face and décolleté or spray onto reusable cotton pads to balance your skin and remove any remaining cleanser.
  3. Moisturise & Eye Serum (3 minutes): Apply our Brighten eye serum by patting around the eye area followed by our Rejuvenate moisturiser to hydrate and soften fine lines.
  4. Protect (2 minutes): Finish with one of our Face Oils, to help lock in moisture.
  5. Sunscreen (1 minute): To finish, apply an SPF as part of your morning routine.

The 15 Minute Floragy Spa Experience: (once a week)

  1. Cleanse (3 minutes): Start with our Oil-To-Milk cleanser using circular motions to remove all traces of impurities and make-up.
  2. Toner (1 minute): Apply our Bloom Rosewater Toner to prepare your skin and provide a burst of hydration.
  3. Clay Mask (7 minutes): Apply one of our Clay face masks to help draw out impurities, gently exfoliate and detox the skin.
  4. Moisturise and Brighten (2 minutes): Gently pat on Brighten eye serum and Rejuvenate moisturiser to nourish and hydrate your skin.
  5. Protect - (1 minute): Gently pat in one of our face oils to protect the skin’s barrier and lock in moisture.
  6. Sunscreen (1 minute): Finish with a good SPF to protect your skin throughout the day.

Taking a few minutes each day to pamper your skin will help you maintain and achieve that ‘Glow Natural’ look. Choose products which are suited to your skin, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water, eat a balanced diet and no matter how busy your schedule is your skin will love you for it.


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