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Article: Perimenopause and skincare

Perimenopause and skincare

Perimenopause and skincare

Many women face the unknown when approaching perimenopause age. Only recently is this previously unspoken topic more visible in the media, on social channels and being addressed by women in positions of authority - and about time too!

For too long women have suffered with pain, embarrassment and uncertainty about how their bodies, emotions and skin change during this transformative time in their lives. We’ve still got a long way to go in understanding the extent to which the perimenopause can be debilitating for a lot of women and how specific skin concerns such as adult acne, rosacea and sensitivity can affect confidence.

More and more skincare brands have jumped into creating products for perimenopausal skin, is this necessary or just a way to monetise? And what types of ingredients and products can help?

Products to use during perimenopause

As estrogen levels drop skin can become dry and sometimes it feels like wrinkles appear virtually overnight! Redness from impromptu sweats, rosacea and breakouts can all be experienced around this time. For some, seemingly ‘balanced’ skin can transform into problem skin. If androgen levels are relatively high in comparison to falling estrogen this can even cause acne for some.
As we age our collagen and elastin in the skin start to reduce which is only exacerbated at this time of our lives. According to leading dermatologists using products with ingredients which replenish moisture and boost collagen production are key. Hyularonic acid and Squalane are fantastic ingredients for hydrating the skin and are already found in the body, both of which are readily available in various products on the market.
Antioxidants are equally as important, vitamin C and anything with omega-3 fatty acids will do wonders for your complexion and also for strengthening the skin’s barrier. 

What skincare routine should I follow?

If you notice changes to your skin it’s a good idea to use gentle products to start with. Avoid harsh soap based cleansers and switch to a balm, cream or oil based one to prevent stripping moisture from the skin (yes, even if you are suffering from breakouts). Use a serum with actives such as antioxidants to give an extra boost and then apply an SPF of 30+ every morning! Without fail! Follow with a moisturiser to provide hydration then an oil to seal in. At night, you may find you need a richer moisturiser to prevent skin feeling tight, irritated or flaky and you will absolutely notice the difference! Let’s also not forget about using a moisturiser on the rest of our bodies! As similarly, the skin on our bodies will also become noticeably drier or more irritated during this transition.

Perimenopause can be an unsettling time for many but let’s be kind to ourselves and seek help and advice where we can. Skin changes during this time are common so please speak to a dermatologist if you have cause for concern. There are some brilliant products on the market and you may find you need to switch out some of your existing ones if you experience skin sensitivity, remember ‘keep it simple’.

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