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Article: Oil-To-Milk Cleansing & It's Benefits

Oil-To-Milk Cleansing & It's Benefits

Oil-To-Milk Cleansing & It's Benefits

Skin care is an investment. You want to be sure that what you're doing for your skin is working and that it's providing you with the results most beneficial for you. With new seasons come new needs, so it's important to reassess our skincare routines so we can continue to achieve healthy, supple skin.

As October unfolds, the air becomes colder and less humid which can leave us with drier, cracking skin. The idea of cleansing with oils goes against everything we seem to have ever first learnt about skincare (especially if you're already naturally oily). On the contrary, oil cleansing is actually one of the best things you can do for your skin, regardless of your skin type.

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. Oil cleansers are generally combined with a milk or cream base, predominantly designed to cleanse the skin by removing dirt and makeup while also leaving behind necessary moisture. This part is crucial, as it is what keeps your skin barrier protected. The oil is what dissolves makeup and other impurities while the cream’s task is to add and retain moisture back into the skin. These cleansers are ideal for oily types as they can help balance out the natural oils in your face without making it feel greasy or oily. They're also perfect for dry skin, as they can help lock in moisture so that your face doesn't end up feeling tight after cleansing. This dreaded tightness is usually the result of a harsh water-based cleanser that has unfortunately stripped your skin barrier of many of its natural, needed oils.

Our Formulation

Our new Oil-To-Milk Cleanser is formulated just like the above described, with delicate botanicals to kindly wash away dirt, impurities, and makeup (including waterproof). Our formula even breaks down SPF and seamlessly washes away with water, meaning it’s extremely gentle on the skin.

Creating a formula that preserved the natural moisture of the skin was imperative for us here at Floragy. This is all down to the help of our 100% naturally derived and blended ingredients.


Hero Ingredients

Camellia oil is our first hero ingredient, being utterly rich in antioxidants. Thanks to this free-radical deterring ingredient, your skin is more protected from long-term effects of ageing. Continuous use of this ingredient will leave you with stimulation of collagen production promoting healthier, plumper skin. While Camellia oil protects and stimulates, our Olive Squalane regenerates. This natural emollient is very similar to our skins natural oil (sebum) and provides a smooth application. Olive Squalane protects against moisture loss and is a wonderful ingredient for penetrating our skin layer, so acts as a great assistance for other ingredients. Our last hero ingredient is an emulsifier naturally derived from Sunflower Oil. Good for all skin types, this ingredient allows skin to retain water and repairs the skin barrier. This results in protection from environmental stressors.

Our oil-to-milk cleanser is the perfect additive to your skincare routine. Containing 100% naturally derived ingredients, this product has gotten amazing results in trials. Apply a couple of pumps into your wet palms and massage in circular motions for sixty seconds each evening and watch your skin be reborn.

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