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Article: Holiday skincare advice

Holiday skincare advice

Holiday skincare advice

Travelling is definitely one of the highlights of my life. I love to go on holiday and explore different countries but one of the not so great things is the skin issues I tend to get whenever I travel.

Dry, recycled cabin air, humidity, temperature, sun exposure and let’s not forget the often stressful dash to the airport and pre-packing prep, which can throw our skin out of sync leading to redness, breakouts, dryness and irritation which is why it’s just as important to keep your skincare routine in place when you’re abroad.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

The key is to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. Have you ever thought ‘Why do I need to take skincare products on the plane with me, what a waste of hand baggage space - it’s only a 2 hour flight!’

Trust me, you need skincare products on a plane.

Your skin will be super dry from the air in the cabin which is where a good moisturiser and facial mist come into play. Make sure your skin is cleansed before applying then spritz away, this will ensure your skin gets the moisture it needs. Being in a dry environment can mean that our skin overproduces oil which can also cause breakouts, so this step is a crucial one.

Drinking plenty of water also applies here, 6-8 glasses per day will keep you hydrated and your skin supple for the duration of your trip.

Factor in your SPF

Invest in a decent SPF, this is not to be underestimated! SPFs not only protect your skin but they also hydrate it. Always use an SPF of factor 30+ on your face (even in the winter) to protect from premature ageing and harmful UV rays. There are so many on the market to cater for all skin types and issues so do your research and find the perfect one before you travel.

Even when you’re abroad make sure you double cleanse. Thoroughly cleansing your skin will remove SPF, dead skin cells and excess oil particularly if you’re in a hot climate followed by a super serum and face oil to keep all of that goodness in.

For those of you who need to do the impossible and fit your skincare routine into a small plastic bag 20cm x 15cm in your hand luggage, you need to be ruthless! Stick with the basics; Cleanser, SPF, Moisturiser and Facial Mist. But remember you can always do a supermarket sweep around Boots in the airport if you get desperate.

And for those of you who are more organised our Travel Mini Set is perfect for those trips away with everything you need for great summer skin!

Post holiday glow

Once you’re back in the comfort of your own home it can feel like that holiday glow disappears instantly. I find my skin dries out and can appear flakey without a good moisturiser. To make your skin appear radiant for longer you should avoid using any scrubs instead opting for a cloth to gently exfoliate the skin. Remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Using a good moisturiser or body oil will keep your skin nourished while you change climates. Oh and don’t forget…apply SPF!

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