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Article: 10 tips for surviving self-isolation

10 tips for surviving self-isolation

10 tips for surviving self-isolation

Nothing like this has ever happened before in our lifetimes, our freedom of movement has never been restricted in this way. But we will get through this, as horrific as it will be at times, there are positives to be drawn from this too.

Here at Floragy we want to share with you the things we do to relax and indulge our senses for our emotional well being.

1. Learn some new skills

There are lots of great courses online, whether it’s learning a skill specific for your job or something fun to do as a hobby or learning a language. Duolingo is a fab free app that is great fun to use, you'll be proficient in Italian in no time, ciao.

2. Home beauty treatments

Get out those beauty tools and treatments which you haven’t got round to using and get to work. A homemade face mask is super easy to create from store cupboard supplies, and even a hair mask if you’re feeling adventurous.

3. Read / listen more

Instead of watching the TV, read a book or listen to an audio book/podcast, it’ll give your eyes a break too! Some of our favourites are;

Fake Heiress – a brilliant dramatised podcast about Anna Sorokin.

Revisiting – a weekly podcast of nostalgia by Laura K and Laura G reading their past diaries, Facebook statuses and reliving stories.

This Is Going to Hurt – a really funny audio book by Adam Kay about his experience as a Junior Doctor.

4. Fitness

Take an online fitness class, there’s some great instructors and businesses offering online classes, ones to check out are Joe Wickes on YouTube and Personal Training by Angela Coman, find her on Instagram @angela_coman_

5. Make something

Our brand was created during some previous down time while on a sabbatical, think about what you could make and sell on Etsy (it’s free) and a great marketplace to get your product out there.

6. Network, Network, Network

This is the perfect time to reach out to old friends, work colleagues or family you haven’t spoken to in a while. Video calls are super easy to do, Zoom, Skype and Google hangouts are great for this, also the House Party app is getting people together for virtual parties, whoop!

Get onto LinkedIn, update your profile and start connecting to set yourself up for success once we’re allowed out to play again. Also there’s tonnes of interesting articles and inspiration to help pass some time in a constructive way.

7. Home detox

We all have loads of things collecting dust that are never used, now could be a great time to unleash your ruthless streak, do you really need that foot spa? Clear out all the unnecessaries and relax in your new uncluttered space, with a glass of wine, maybe even some fancy cheese.

Organise your living spaces to enhance your home environment with help from Marie Kondo and check out Gretchen Rubin’s book ‘Outer Order, Inner Calm: Declutter and Organize to Make More Room for Happiness’.

8. Learn to cook like a pro

Cooking is awesome, creating new recipes and concoctions is a great way to let off steam and help find your inner Ramsey. Hello Fresh and Gusto are fab ways of getting new recipes with almost zero waste as you only use the exact ingredients for each meal. Pinterest also has countless ideas for new dishes, our firm favourite is chimichurri sauce which works with meat and vegetarian dishes perfectly. Also follow Jamie Oliver’s show ‘Keep Cooking And Carry On’, on Channel 4 – features easy-to-follow recipes tailored for the nation on lockdown.

9. Meditate

Keeping calm during this extended period of isolation is vitally important for your wellbeing and sanity. We recommend the app Calm, it’s brilliant for guided meditation, mental fitness and sleep stories, a lot of the app is free but it’s quite inexpensive to unlock the extra content. Headspace is also really good for this.

10. Care for others

Join the national effort in supporting the NHS by signing up with delivering medicines and food to those that are more vulnerable in your community and help the NHS workers where necessary. Here’s the link

Stay safe, love from Floragy x

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