Floragy was born out of a desire to create natural skincare products which are gentle on the skin and also accessible to everyone.

Our founder, Louisa, established the business after a number of years of working as a Regional Manager for numerous fashion brands in the UK. After a move to the Kent coast it prompted her to swap her career for a slower pace of life.

Fascinated with homeopathic practices such as acupuncture, meditation and reflexology she found herself becoming increasingly interested in natural ingredients and how they could benefit overall well-being. Louisa began research into plant based ingredients and their role in maintaining and improving skin health and tested her findings on family and friends.

Years of researching ingredients and mixing, testing and developing natural formulas led to the launch of the Floragy Skincare business in 2019 from her home in Faversham, Kent.

Louisa says;

‘I was exhausted after a full on career travelling and working too many hours and wanted to take some time to rebalance my life. I’d always suffered from dry skin but as I’ve got older I’ve found I need extra protection during the colder months. After some extensive research and experimenting I created a few recipes for skincare products which my skin reacted well to, and I preferred over my usual products. I noticed how expensive natural skincare could be to buy and wanted to create a range of products which were accessible to everyone while maintaining a natural ingredient list which was easy to understand.

Basically affordable all-natural products. We started with six products, selling locally to friends at first, then online through a market based platform. We’ve just launched our website and have been lucky enough to win The Editors Choice Award for 3 of our products in the 2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards.'