Louisa - Head Floragist

For years I travelled extensively for work in a fast paced, stressful industry which left me exhausted and not much time to focus on my own well-being, my body or my lifestyle. After a move to the Kent coast and swapping my career for a slower pace, I began to pay more attention to how I was treating my body through products I consumed and applied to my skin.


Conscious of chemical based products I experimented with plant and fruit extracts at my home in the Kent countryside. I wanted to simplify my beauty routine, using less products with less ingredients. As a result I found my skin responded better, leaving it dewy and healthy looking - Floragy was born.

Here at Floragy we are transparent with ingredients, using organic ingredients where possible. All of our products are free from parabens, SLS, sulfates and artificial fragrances, and none are tested on animals. 


A simple range to compliment a cleaner lifestyle.


Here at Floragy we don’t believe in unnecessary packaging just to make our brand look good. We fill recyclable reusable glass jars and bottles with our product without the need for any outer packaging.

Our postal boxes are brown kraft card which are made from a minimum of 90% recycled material and we use brown paper void filler, both of which are 100% recyclable.

We believe that everyone can make small conscious decisions when consuming products, and that includes us! Our commitment to not individually boxing our skincare range is a small step in saving natural resources and lowering our impact on the environment.


Our skincare range is made by hand in small batches using natural ingredients. We leave out any synthetic preservatives so it’s important to remember our products need to be kept in a cool, dry place away from water. 

The shelf life is visible on every product and although they won’t last for years, they will deliver results your skin will thank you for.

All of our ingredients are listed clearly, without the use of unpronounceable substances in our formulas, so what you see is what you get. Learn more about their benefits below. 


“I've always had sensitive skin with acne and while travelling last year had a severe flare up due to the country I was in... It has taken over a year (with medication) to clear my skin up, however I was left with a lot of blemishes that have made me feel incredibly self-conscious and a lover of make up. I tried Revive Face Oil because of a recommendation and have used the product twice a day for about two weeks. I'm really pleased to say that my blemishes have cleared up and for the last couple of days I haven't worn make up and no longer feel self-conscious.”