Why you need a good Face Oil in your skincare routine

How effective are face oils?

For my whole life I’ve had dry skin so from the age of 18 I would freely slather my face in whatever would keep it hydrated. For years I used the old school thick cream by Nivea which did the trick, until I realised that as I reached my late 20’s and then into my 30’s I needed more sophisticated products to support my ageing skin.

Cue my discovery of face oils and their divine intervention of ageing.

Finding an oil which is right for you involves some research and trying out samples of those on the market. Drier skin can take heavier oils but Camellia and Grapeseed are incredibly light on the skin and easily absorbed so these are a great alternative if you suffer from breakouts. Oils are super nourishing and contain ingredients which can support a healthy skin barrier which is crucial to keeping the skin looking smooth, youthful and protected from environmental damage. They are great at working with your skin to seal in that moisture to help combat the signs of ageing.

The addition of a face oil to your routine can have beautiful results and used together with a moisturising cream you’ve got the ultimate powerhouse for your face.

A moisturiser contains water so hydration is its main purpose whereas an oil doesn’t. Oils are compatible with the skin as the outer layers are oil based meaning that using a face oil will strengthen the skin’s barrier which will stop chemicals and irritants entering and also prevent any moisture escaping.

Floragy Revive Face Oil

I developed Revive as I couldn't find a face oil on the market which was a suitable treatment for my skin. After formulating a number of different versions I landed on the perfect blend of oils which made my skin radiant, visibly nourished and didn’t clog my pores. 

Suitable for dry, normal and sensitive skin Revive is lightly scented with Jasmine and Neroli and is now my go to product. Just seven oils go into our face oil as we believe that using less ingredients is just as effective and is supported by rave reviews from our customers and amazing results.

Containing Camellia Oil which is easily absorbed and packed with antioxidants to prevent damage from free radicals. Rosehip Oil brightens and evens the skin tone, thanks to its super vitamin C content, and Sacha Inchi oil is fantastic at keeping the skin firm, smooth and supple.

Revive can be used under make-up but I love using it at night when all of the ingredients have a chance to soak into the skin after cleansing and applying my moisturiser.

For anyone who hasn’t yet experienced the wonder of a face oil, I urge you to try one. Your skin will love you for it.

(It’s essential to patch test any new products before use. Those with problem skin should always seek the advice of a certified Dermatologist).

Revive Face Oil will soon be available unscented so suitable for those who are sensitive to essential oils or pregnant.

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"I use this face oil everyday and it feels wonderful on my very dry skin. Leaves my skin soft, supple with no more dry patches. Feels and smells great going on and has actually improved the condition of my skin after 2 weeks use. I’d definitely recommend it for dry skin, it’s become a daily essential for me.”

Jaina – Revive - Face Oil