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Article: Preparing your skin and hair for Winter

Preparing your skin and hair for Winter

Preparing your skin and hair for Winter

As summer is coming to an end I’ve been increasingly eager to embrace Autumn in all its glory. Even though I love the summer, there’s something about Autumnal colours, warm clothes and open fires which make me feel all fuzzy inside, oh and the thought that next year might be slightly better than this one! But I always anticipate one thing… the change in my skin and how it feels when it turns colder outside.

During the colder months our skin is exposed to quite a dramatic change in the weather, the low humidity and cold air can make skin drier and strip out the moisture.

I’ve suffered with dry, cracked patches of skin on my face during the winter months, which seemed to be more persistent the older I got. But by making a few changes to my skincare routine these have been more manageable over the past couple of years. It’s easy to think that by applying a super thick moisturiser all of our dry skin worries will be gone, but it’s not as simple as that.

We’ve pulled together a few steps to keep your skin radiant and in good health this autumn as we transition into the winter months ahead.

1. Tweak your routine

Cold weather and central heating can cause skin to be itchy which is why a gentle exfoliant will serve you well in removing dead skin cells. 

Using creamy, oil or milky cleansers will ensure you’re not stripping the skin’s lipids and will keep it hydrated, this may mean swapping out your usual cleanser and any products which contain alcohol as this can do more harm than good. Our new Oil-To-Milk Cleanser effectively removes the build up of dirt and make up yet leaves skin soft and moisturised.

Cleansing balms are particularly good at soothing the skin, our Nourish Multi-purpose Balm which can be used as a cleanser, moisturiser or mask treatment, perfect for keeping your skin in tip top condition.

2. Continue using sunscreen

Even though it may not be 30 degrees outside it’s still crucial to use a sunscreen during winter. UV rays can still penetrate at this time of the year and can cause ageing and irreversible damage to the skin, so try and make sure this is included in your daily routine.

3. Layer up

You may find that you need a little more nourishment and protection for your skin once the weather turns colder. Using an emollient will seal in any moisture if you suffer from particularly dry or cracked skin. Layering with a face oil after you moisturise will give you the much needed environmental protection and help to keep the skin’s barrier healthy.

Our Revive Face Oil contains vitamins A, D and E which contribute to repairing, protecting and rejuvenating the skin.
For those with more sensitive skin, our unscented Calm Face Oil will gently nourish and soothe and if you’re looking for intensive hydration then our Nurture Intensive Face Oil will give a moisture boost to mature and dehydrated skin.

‘Layering products’ can also be applied to hair. By using a hair oil as either a pre or post shampoo treatment, hair will be smoother and more manageable and be protected from the cold, dry air.

As with any skincare recommendations it’s always a good idea to seek advice from a dermatologist if you have a specific concern with your skin. Different skin types may need less or more in terms of products and application; you know your own skin so go with what keeps it happy.

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