How to perfect your isolation skincare routine

With the ever increasing amount of products available on the market it’s often a daunting prospect to pick the ones which suit our skin type and know when and how to use them to their best potential.

Face masks, scrubs, serums, oils, moisturisers, toners and retinol all have a different role to play in skincare but which ones do we really need?

The 4 step skincare routine for radiant skin

According to key dermatologists, we only need a four step routine to keep our skin healthy and radiant. Marnie Nussbaum, a leading Dermatologist based in New York follows these basic steps:-

  1. Cleanse
  2. Treatment (such as an anti-ageing or active serum/oil)
  3. Moisturiser
  4. Use sunscreen – even on your daily exercise and during winter.

Yep...that’s it. Just 4 simple steps.

Self-isolation is the perfect time to perfect your skincare routine. With home delivery bringing beauty treats to our doors and having more time at home to explore every pore and contour of our skin, now is the best time to get that 4 step routine well and truly nailed. You may already be using 2 or 3 of these steps daily and just 2 minutes away from facial perfection.

At Floragy we have step 2 well and truly covered, our award-winning Revive Face Oil contains vitamins A, B1 and C which are crucial factors in promoting healthy skin.

Vitamin A or ‘Retinol’ is a key ingredient in helping to prevent wrinkles and protect from UV-induced damage. Vitamin B1 is a powerful antioxidant, fantastic for a rather glowing complexion and vitamin C is effective in promoting collagen production to support plumper skin.

In this time of self reflection and isolation take just 10 minutes for yourself and give your skin the love it really deserves.

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